Town Transformation

Mangum, Oklahoma is a small town with huge energy—serving their community.

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Magnificent Potential

Small towns can be underrated in their vitality and potential, but don’t let that reputation keep you from seeing the opportunities available.

Mangum, Oklahoma is a town that has a passionate community active in reaching out to others with the Love of God. The First United Methodist Church in Mangum is doing great things in their little town of just around 3,000 people.

Beginning with a summer lunch program to minister to a number of children in the area, Mangum FUMC was reaching kids every day. As this program developed, the children would not just come for a meal, but they would stay to play, too. How can they do more? The church had considered a playground, but funds were limited and other needs took priority.

Community connects through children.

A Safe Place to Play

As the gathering of children grew, the need for a safe playground became more urgent. The Foundation was able to provide funds for the installation of brand new playground equipment. After installing the equipment and some landscaping to clear the lawn stickers, Mangum First had a safe place for the young families to gather and play.

The use of their kitchen increased because of the continued work to provide meals, and the wear on the cooking appliances was really starting to show. Thankfully, we were able to reach out to Mangum with a grant and aid with the purchase of new appliances to keep this ministry going!

Now, the facility is used for community fundraisers, 4-H activities, banquets, community plays, and so much more.

Reaching kids was just the beginning. The program has successfully grown into truly impacting their community for good.

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