Wellsprings of Life

Bringing clean water to communities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Quality of Life

Our President, Bill Junk, met a local pastor from an annual conference in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). His name is Kyungu Bertin. Over the early development of their friendship, some needs were very apparent: overcoming the challenge of transportation to remote villages and dealing with the numerous health issues from dirty, unsafe water sources. These issues not only affect the quality of life for the communities in the DRC, but limit the effectiveness of pastors like Kyungu to reach people for the sake of the Gospel. Fortunately, there is something we are doing about it. Because of the generosity and action of donors, there are funds available to create solutions!

Rev. Bertin was aided with a motorbike and a vehicle because of the funds the Foundation has invested for this cause. He was a District Superintendent (DS) in his conference, and the increased mobility has allowed him to maintain healthy connections with the churches, as well as start many new faith communities!

We are serving in the Congo

Living Water

During his time as a DS, he started over 30 churches in an area similar in size to the Oklahoma City Metro area.

The Foundation, in partnership with the Woodworth Endowment, has established 14 wells, and 10 more wells are planned for 2019.

For their communities, these wells are important not only as a source of safe water to use, but they bring people to know Jesus. Many of the wells are situated near church communities, so the fresh water is drawing people into experiencing the Living Water of Jesus Christ.

Having a heart to serve and reach others has led to a connection through the work of the Foundation. Now, people are being led from clean water to the Living Water.

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